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Past Howard Bell Award Winners

2020 - Kevin Beals 

AEOE was proud to present Kevin Beals with our 2020 Howard Bell Award. The Howard Bell Award acknowledges lifetime achievement and contributions towards advancing the field of environmental and outdoor education. Kevin has been involved in environmental, outdoor, and classroom education since 1985. He is now the Director of the BEETLES program at the Lawrence Hall of Science, which he co-founded in order to bring quality resources to outdoor science school instructors. Outdoor and environmental education programs in California, across the country, and even internationally have made use of the BEETLES project's free resources, and BEETLES has inspired countless educators to change the way they think about outdoor education.

Kevin has also contributed to environmental and outdoor education through his continued and consistent engagement with educators and program leaders. At conferences and other gatherings,  Kevin makes a point to reach out to current educators and program leaders, listening to their struggles and successes while meeting them with openness and enthusiasm. Kevin has conducted more than 250 professional learning workshops, institutes and keynote addresses locally, nationally, and internationally, and he has authored more than 90 published curriculum guides, children’s books, and professional learning videos. Finally, Kevin is a founding member of the Bungee Jumpin' Cows, a science rock band, and has penned some campfire classics, such as Banana Slug and Gusano, that are shared weekly in outdoor programs across California.

2019 - Celeste Royer
AEOE was proud to present Celeste Royer with the Howard Bell Award beneath the beautiful redwoods of Westminster Woods. The Howard Bell award acknowledges lifetime achievement and contributions towards advancing the field of environmental and outdoor education. Celeste is the Director of Environmental Education at Rancho El Charro and has been with San Luis Obispo County Office of Education for more than 30 years. Additionally, Celeste provides leadership to the California Outdoor School Association (COSA) and California Environmental Education Foundation (CEEF), and teaches Wilderness & Environmental Education at Cal Poly SLO. She served on the California Blueprint for Environmental Literacy Steering Committee, has worked with CREEC (California Regional Environmental Education Community), BEETLES, NAAEE, and many other amazing institutions. Celeste earned degrees from UCLA, San Francisco State University, and Cal Poly SLO. Married with two adult children, Celeste enjoys nature, family and pet time, traveling, and reading. Celeste's contributions have strengthened the field of environmental education and touched the lives of thousands of children. Congratulations, Celeste!

2017 - Steve Van Zandt

Beneath the beautiful redwoods of Camp Jones Gulch, with an audience of outdoor educators and banana slugs, AEOE presented the Howard Bell Award for achievements in environmental and outdoor education to Steve Van Zandt, Program Manager/Principal of San Mateo County Outdoor Education.

Jymn Meier, who nominated Van Zandt for the award, recalls, “I remember the first time I met Steve Van Zandt. It was at my first AEOE Conference in the early 90's. I was amazed at how many wonderful people I met and interacted with, but left inspired and empowered by Steve's "Keeping the magic alive workshop". He honored the current teaching trends while reminding us that, at its core, our mission is to connect children to nature. I revisited his workshop some 20 years later and he has literally kept the magic alive both within himself and sharing his passion with us all.

Steve has trained hundreds of Naturalists during his time at SMOE. Many have gone on to have long inspired tenures in environmental education. I have personally worked with many of Steve's former interns and all have been incredible. While I believe outdoor educators are amazing in general, it's easy to see the impact of Steve's mentorship.”

Steve's contributions to AEOE are monumental. He has led workshops at conferences, directed incredible skits and performed on stage as member of the Banana Slug String Band. The Slugs were awarded The Howard Bell Award as a group in 1997, and 20 years later Steve is honored again for his individual contributions to Outdoor and Environmental Education.

Steve is a graduate of UC Santa Barbara in Environmental Studies/Geography. He received a multiple subject teaching credential from San Francisco State and an Administrative Credential from San Jose State. He worked as a Naturalist at SMOE, Exploring New Horizons Outdoor Schools, Youth Science Institute and as a Co-Director/Intern Coordinator at Hidden Villa. He also was a Co-Manager for the Pigeon Point Youth Hostel. He was a kindergarten, 3rd and 4th grade classroom teacher and a K-7th grade Life Lab/ESL teacher. He is a founding and active member of the Banana Slug String Band. He is returning to SMOE for a 24th year.

Previous Award Winners

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2001 - George Stratman
2000 -  Bruce Daub
1999 -  Joseph Cornell
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1997 -  Banana Slug String Band
1996 -  Greg Schuett
1995 -  John Hendrickson
1994 -  Elna Bakker
1993 -  Jim Hastings
1992 -  Ben Bird
1991 -  Ruth Crew
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1988 -  Dan Baker
1987 -  Don Bielefield
1986 -  Pat Crocker
1985 -  Marty Marcus
1984 -  George & Louise Donaldson
1983 -  Shirley Mason
1982 -  Dean Orahood
1981 -  Leonard Beeman
1980 -  Oscar Clark
1979 -  Josephine Duveneck
1978 -  Michael Johnson
1977 -  Esther Railton
1976 -  Richard Brians
1975 -  Elizabeth Sears
1974 -  Nanette Sullivan
1973 -  Charlene McDonald
1972 -  John Kirk
1971 -  Ernie McDonald
1970 -  Bill Hammerman
1969 -  Ed Pulma
1968 -  Jane Westenberger
1967 -  Ken Pike
1966 -  Don Hammerman
1965 -  Jack Davidson
1964 -  L.B. Sharp
1963 -  Elwood Mitchell
1962 -  J. Holley Ashcraft
1961 -  Howard Bell


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