Workshop being held on granite outcropping at Tamarack Flat Campground in Yosemite National Park


AEOE stands for the Association for Environmental and Outdoor Education, the first association of environmental educators in this nation. We are a statewide organization that has been created by and for the outdoor and environmental educators of our state. Working as the state affiliate for the North American Association of Environmental Educators (or NAAEE), our mission is to advance the impact of environmental and outdoor education in California. We strive to provide a diverse pool of trained educators with the knowledge and skills required for educating today's youth about the natural world.

AEOE and it's volunteers work to provide a variety of professional development opportunities for newly emerging naturalists and skilled program administrators. AEOE partners with a number of organizations to remain up to date regarding issues facing our industry and works to ensure that the organization is inclusive of all the diversity throughout the state of California. 

The logo of AEOE is the oak tree, this symbol works to capture the spirit of our organization. The oak tree is a symbol of our work cultivating the seeds of knowledge, understanding and hope that the seeds we sow will grow into positive actions for a healthy environment for all. The diversity of Oak Trees throughout California are highly important to its first people, as acorns were their 'staff of life'. We strive to capture the vision that the seeds we sow today will be cared for youth of the future.