2016 Southern EE'er of the Year - Joselito Robles Image

2016 Southern EE'er of the Year - Joselito Robles

Joselito Robles has been a valued and exceptional member of Thousand Pines for three years. During this  time he has led science lessons, counseled students through challenges, and continually added to and improved our program. While a good employee will do the job well, a great employee will always raise the bar not only for others but for himself.

Joselito consistently  finds new ways to connect the students to the outdoors, to science thinking, and to himself. He has led his groups as “houses” of Hogwarts, encouraging students to step outside their comfort zones and grow as people. In moments of scrambling, he has been called on to assist with program needs beyond the scope of his normal duties. And he’s the only outdoor educator I know of that’s had a camp song written about him.

He has worked for Spring Hill, a summer program, leading service projects and being a leader among the staff there. He has worked for winter and weekend programs in Crestline, including shops and a rock wall. He has taken his experiences and skills from across the country and around the world to help him make the experiences of others as good as they can get.

Nominated by: Gregory Lewis