2017 Northern EE'er of the Year - Allison Hartman Image

2017 Northern EE'er of the Year - Allison Hartman

Having worked a number of years at Foothill Horizons Outdoor School, Allison has taught not only hundreds of children, but high school students, and naturalist interns as well. Her thoughtful and maternal approach to teaching has inspired students to think deeply about their observations in nature, and encouraged them to try looking or doing something in a safe environment. Her mentorship has nurtured many interns over the years who have all received thoughtful, useful feedback in helping them grow as educators. She challenges them to think not only about what their students are learning, but also how they are learning it. Allison's humor, nurturing disposition, and thoughtfulness contributes to a supportive work and learning environment that has influenced many, many people.

Nominated by: Sarah Angulo