2017 Southern EE'er of the Year - Elizabeth Willoughby Image

2017 Southern EE'er of the Year - Elizabeth Willoughby

Elizabeth (aka Otter) has taught EE for over 4 years now at Pathfinder Ranch as a Teaching Naturalist and now the Assistant Director. Despite her administrative role, she still teaches students and trains our staff. She and one of our other employees attended the BEETLES Institute this past August and have been training our other instructors on BEETLES principles. Over the years she has revamped curriculum and assisted with our transition to incorporate NGSS in our classes, even our non-academic classes. She is constantly working to improve our program and how we deliver our curriculum! She has also attended a couple of the EOSM meetings to network and share ideas with other managers and admin staff to help them improve their programs.

Otter puts her heart and soul into teaching and training staff so our students can understand their place in the environment better. She also strives to spread conservation awareness to those around her. Her love for the environment and teaching are easily apparent to students and colleagues, which is infectious and a joy to see!

Nominated by: Ryan Mayeda