Workshop attendees walk up hill towards towering incense cedars at a spring conference at Sierra Outdoor School

Mission & Values

Our Mission

To advance the impact of environmental and outdoor education in California.

Vision Statement

Through regular participation in environmental and outdoor education, learners will gain the knowledge, skills and inspiration to help them understand, respect and care for themselves, their communities and their environment.  These values will be reflected in a world where:

  • All people in our diverse society have equal access to environmental and outdoor education.
  • A variety of environmental and outdoor education opportunities are consistently provided through schools, community groups, government and non-profit agencies, and all students attend a residential outdoor science school at least once.
  • Environmental education is integrated throughout the traditional school curriculum.
  • At every level of education, teachers and students go outdoors to explore, appreciate and care for the natural world on school grounds, throughout local communities and into natural areas.
  • Learners have a strong connection to their natural environments, whether wilderness, rural or urban, resulting in a deep and nurturing sense of place.
  • First-hand experience and environmental service learning projects develop critical thinkers who make sound environmental decisions and actively move our society toward sustainable practices.
  • Recognition and support of educators and programs providing environmental and outdoor education is an integral part of California’s educational system and society.

Inclusivity Value Statement

Approved by AEOE Board 30 April 2006
We value each person and his/her unique contributions to society.  Those contributions are derived from diverse backgrounds and experiences related to race/ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, ability, age, national origin, socio-economic status, religious affiliation, language, and heritage.  It is this diversity that strengthens our community and broadens our perspectives.
We intentionally embrace all stakeholders in the AEOE mission, and seek to act as allies for those whose voices are not being heard. We believe in the inherent dignity of all humans and that each person should have equal access to a safe, healthy environment and equitable education. We support and promote the ideals of multiculturalism, equity, justice and sustainability.