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Brain, Logistical Environment Overseer


Wednesday, December 5, 2018


Camp Augusta

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Nevada City, CA


Teaches two or more activity blocks per day, and finds joy in the variety and the opportunity to impart knowledge and facilitate fun
Sorts and Coordinates the moving pieces of 20 cabins at a time, including overnight locations and Cabin Acts (creative activities created uniquely by the individual cabins)
Liaison between kitchen and Village Leaders/counselors.
Prepares camper and cabin documents for each upcoming sessions
Providing Logistical Support to the four villages (groups of campers)
Sifts through all camp notes and processes to keep counselors and Leadership staff informed on process changes and important points
Understanding of all cabin activities and presents potential risks to the risk committee for review.
Engages with the rest of the camp community to offer fun, memorable experiences even beyond their own realm
Demonstrates a high level of written and verbal communication skills, exceptional organizational skills, and discretion in handling emotionally sensitive concerns
An eye for detail trained to oversee the big picture and spot potential areas of overlap/concern
Commitment to learning, embodying, and upholding all Camp Augusta leadership benchmarks through pre-camp work, staff training engagement, and ongoing attention throughout the summer
Sees activities through a risk mitigation lense, flags potential risks, and helps creates processes to keep campers and staff safe
Actively builds positive relationships with all the Village Leaders, kitchen, and office staff and positively contributes to the well-being of the Leadership office environment
Love for working with and teaching children in a safe, fun, and intentional manner
Finds fulfillment in working with other staff, their needs and requests, and in an ebb-and-flow environment; is able to be approachable, helpful, and always in problem-solving mode. Often will need to create and communicate innovative solutions to solving a problem that meets a multitude of needs | | 530-265-3702 | Or add your interest here - - we will get in touch super quickly :)

Compensation Information:

Live in a cabin, yurt or treehouse!
Organic, locally-sourced food provided
Pay commensurate with industry standards.
3.5 week staff training focusing on communication and child development, led by our director with a PhD in developmental psychology.

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