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Master of Fun and Games


Saturday, January 5, 2019


Camp Augusta Wilderness

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Nevada City, CA


Magickeer Extraordinaire, for the Banishing of Monotony and the Fulfillment of Wishes

A part of Camp Augusta’s imagination team, the Masters of Fun and Games are responsible for imagining, organizing, and creating novel interactive stories and games of legendary proportions. Prop wizards, design extraordinaires, and planning masterminds, they are often seen tinkering and scheming in their workshop, outfitting counselors and campers with costumes and disguises, and facilitating massive hours-long interactive games. As organizational and logistical gurus, they have single-handedly brought down boredom, defeated maniacal fun-sponges, and interrupted monotony’s dastardly plans. If not stopped, they will continue to skillfully organize camp wide fun, invent escape rooms, and be an integral member of the Camp Augusta community. The MFG was last seen wearing a wizard’s robes, bursting out of their workshop throwing oatmeal and dodgeballs at anyone in range, and sharing the prophesied arrival of dragons and an upcoming mech-battle smackdown.

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REWARD; To anyone able to present, alive, a Master of Fun and Games we offer:
Joy, Laughter, and plenty of fun fodder - 3.5 weeks of staff training focused on child development and communication, a tightly knit community that loves play, and a summer living in a treehouse, platform tent, or tiny house! Organic and freshly made food provided (with copious amounts of oatmeal reserved for throwing).

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