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Tribal Wisdom Academy

Tribal Wisdom Academy is an epic summer camp adventure located on a 30-acre horse ranch in the Santa Cruz Mountains, near Los Gatos California. And the Academy also has a large residential Outdoor School and summer camp near Shanghai, the first in China! We employ up to a dozen U.S. staff between these two locations. Founders Ben and Claire Walker believe that authentic childhood experience in wild nature is vital to actual human development. Ben Walker's outdoor education methodology was developed through tribal experiences in over 30 countries. At age 19, Ben traveled by land from England to Botswana (via Sicily) to live alone with the Kalahari Kung San Bushmen in the 1980's. And later spending entire winters with Canadian Cree Indians in the subarctic brought Ben back to his North American roots. This lead Ben to become a Naturalist at Green Meadows Outdoor School near Yosemite for 15 years in 1999. Our 2019 programs are grounded in direct tribal wisdom and experience. Our mission, globally, is to help parents give outdoor childhood back to kids. And for our staff, Ben and Claire Walker are dedicated to the care and to the professional development of each member of the team.