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Pathfinder Ranch

35510 Pathfinder Rd
Mountain Center, CA

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At Pathfinder Ranch, the Science & Outdoor Education School provides meaningful learning experiences that are safe and fun for all participants to build their conservation awareness, knowledge base, and confidence in order to become more ecologically conscious global citizens.

The Science & Outdoor Education School began in the 1970′s and has since developed into a premier school of its kind in southern California. Close cooperation and coordination with schools ensures a high quality program year after year.

We offer a wide variety of both academic and recreational courses to public and private schools, primarily targeted at grades 5 and 6. We believe this combination allows for a broader learning base in both academic and social skills. We provide challenging courses and activities, allowing students to achieve success and build self-esteem. Pathfinder Ranch provides a unique opportunity for students and teachers to get to know one another and learn to work as a cohesive team.

We link our science curriculum directly to the California State Content Standards and use hands-on, experiential methods that make learning meaningful, accessible, and fun for each student.