2016 - Statewide Spring Conference

Conference Information Packet

Behind the Scenes of Teaching: Psychological Principles to Better Understand Your Students - By Ann Mararet Githinji

Blueprint Actions for Today - By Tracey Weiss

Chaparral, Grizzly Bears and Fire: Underappreciated and Misunderstood - By Richard Halsey and Rochelle Gaudette

Citizen Science Cirriculum: Bees, Trees and Possibilities - By Jessica Gee

Continuing Education - By Arthur Tuttle

Creating a Personal Philosophy - By Robert McDonnell

Discovery Swap - By Emilie Lygren and Kevin Beals

Engineering NGSS Survival Shelters - By Sarah Horylev

Equity and Inclusion in Outdoor Education - By Alejandro Granados

Exploratory Investigations - By Lynn Barakos and Kevin Beals

Fire Ecology and Eco-Action - By Chrisopher Soriano

Food...It's Kinda a Big Deal! - By Kayla Reece

Getting Kids Talking: Facilitating Great Discussions with Students - By Xander Kestrel Tarter

Incorporating a Positive Constructive Feedback System in Your Work and Living Community - By Will Rogers

Mentoring - By Ray Cramer

Mobile Devices are Coming - By Shane Hyre

Moving Up the Ladder: Transitioning into a Supervisory Role - By Kat Montgomery

My Boss is Stupid: How to Take Over - By Chris Cameron

Naturalist Like a Champion: Scientific Vocabulary - By Emeric Bisbee

Phenomenological Instruction - By Kevin Beals and Emilie Lygren

Positive Discipline in an Outdoor Classroom - By Cara-Alexandra Sundell

Teaching Tricky Topics - By Elizabeth Simpson

Squid Dissection - By Stacy Salimondo

The UC CA Naturalist Program - By Chris Cameron

Using Citizen Science to Meet NGSS Standards - By Hannah Campbell