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Inclusivity & Diversity Publications

Approaches to EE by Indigenous Cultures in North America - "A list of resources, in the form of books, video films and articles that give a broad view of the indigenous cultures of the Native Americans." EETAP, April 1996

Brown v. Board: Education of a Nation - "More than 50 years later, amid vast progress, a divide persists", Feb 2005

Building a More Inclusive Organization - a report from EETAP, 2010.

CAEE's Diversity & Inclusiveness Initiative - Colorado Alliance for Environmental Education (CAEE)

Cultural Comptency Articles - a collection of articles on the how and why of cultural competency from CAEE: "A Model for Personal Change"; "Beyond the Tip of the Iceberg: 5 Stages Towards Cultural Competence"; "The 10 C's: A Model for Diversity Awareness and Social Change"; "White Priveledge: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack"; "Diverse Concepts/Diverse Practices; Three Paradigms for Diversity Change Leaders."

Cultural Adaptation in Outdoor Programming - "This article links cross-cultural and outdoor programming literature and provides case examples in order to illustrate the importance of facilitating outdoor participants’ cultural adaptation. " Australian Journal of Outdoor Education, 2005

Diversity Spoken in 39 Languages - LA Times, June 2004

Diversity and the Conservation Movement - developed by the National Audubon Society in partnership with the North American Association for Environmental Education.

Environmental Education in Latino Communities: Sharing Experiences - by Marta Del Campo, Karen Purcell, and Jose Marcos-Iga

Environmental Justice Directories - three databases/directories on environmental justice researchers, organizations, and resource providers. Click on the links to the left to access each database.

Environmental Justice Resource Centere Book List 

Environmental and Social Justice Handouts - from

Evaluation and Analysis of Cultural Diversity Training with Environmental Educators - from Applied Environmental Education and Communication, 2010

Facing the Future - "While environmental groups often work toward preserving biodiversity in ecosystems, many are now grappling with trying to figure out how to diversify their own ranks." Audubon Magazine, Oct 2011

First African American Wins Goldman Environmental Prize - April 2004

Global Warming is Colorblind, can we say as much for environmentalism? Orion magazine, Nov/Dec 2007

Inclusiveness in Practice - collection of 16 links from CAEE "...that highlight EE organization working toward inclusiveness and resources for organizations on the path or wanting to start on the path to inclusiveness"

Journal of Interpretation Research (2015) - Special Issue on Diversity, with Introduction by Dr. Nina Roberts, San Francisco State University

Lessons Learned from the Inclusiveness Initiative - from EETAP, 2010.

Making the Cases for Diversity and Inclusiveness in EE - collection of articles (13) from CAEE "...that make the case for why inclusiveness is importatn to the environmental movement and EE" 

People of Color Environmental Groups Directory - 2000

Reorienting EE for Environmental Justice - this article "highlights the potential role of environmental education at all levels, to contribute to personal and community capacity building for environmental justice", Second National People of Color Environmental Leadership Summit - Summit II , Oct 2002

Test Your Biases - "find out your implicit associations about race, gender, sexual orientation, and other topics!", from Harvard University.

Understanding Cultural Competency in Experiential Education Programs - Barr Foundation, Dec 2010

What's Fair Got To Do With It? - Diversity cases from eductaion. Published by EETAP, WestEd, and NAAEE, 2004.

When Quiet Kids Get Forgotten - " Teachers sometimes make the mistake of assuming that students who don't speak up have little to contribute."

Why Race Matters, in the fight for a healthy planet - Sierra Magazine, May/Jun 2004

Why Race & Class Matter in the Environmental Movement - Grist magazine, 5/2005

Wild and in Color - a blog about "The Wonderings and Wanderings of a “Colored” Man’s Love Affair with Nature".