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General Information

Animal Diversity Web Database - information on the biology and classification of North American mammals.

California Mammal Tracks - online field guide to the tracks of common California mammal.



Bats of Northern California - information about both common and rare bats of Northern California.

Bats of San Diego County - an overview of natural history information for the 23 species native to San Diego County, plus useful links.


Black Bears

California Department of Fish and Wildlife - information on the biology, habitat, and population of California's black bears. 

Animal Diversity Web Database - general information on black bears.



Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area - information on the bobcats of the Santa Monica Mountains.

Urban Carnivore - information on bobcat range, habitat, and diet, along with research on bobcats of Southern California. 


Marine Mammals

Monterey Bay Aquarium - guide to marine mammals of California.


Mountain Lions

California Department of Fish and Wildlife - frequently asked questions about mountain lions in California.

Yosemite National Park - information on mountain lions of Yosemite and the greater Sierra Nevada.