Farm fields in Central California with mountains and ocean in the background

Central California

Central Coast

Elkhorn Slough - find info on natural history of both the marine and terrestrial flora and fauna of this beautiful coastal reserve 100 miles south of San Francisco. Also info on research, conservation, restoration, teaching materials, and info to plan a trip to the slough.

Monterey Bay Aquarium - can find natural history of some CA natives in the Animal Guide; marine mammals, birds, plant life, fish, octopi, invertebrates, and reptiles.

Ventana Wildlife Society - learn about condor and bald eagle restoration on this 80 acre preserve on the Big Sur coast.


Central Valley

Birds of the Central Valley - includes resources on bird species and migration, and tips on birding

Central Valley Grasslands - information from the World Wildlife Fund about the flora and fauna of California's Central Valley 

Geology of the San Joaquin Valley - fossil and geology history of the Central Valley region

National Wildlife Refuges - learn about the wildlife and habitats of the Sacramento and San Luis National Wildlife Refuges, as well as other wildlife complexes in the Central Valley