Red cactus flower in Joshua Tree National Park - image by Traci Gardner

Southern California

Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary - Information, images, and videos about plants and animals of the Channel Islands.

Desert Wildflower Report - Find updates on the desert wildflower blooms. Submit your digital photos and/or written report.

Natural History of Orange County - Amazing collection of photos, from microscopic organisms to mammals, fungi, lichens, and all plant divisions. Images also organized by type of habitat. Hosted by UC Irvine.

Natural History of the San Gabriel Mountains - Large collection of links about the animals, plants, geology and geography, and weather and climate of the area.

Natural History of San Bernadino and San Jacinto Mountains - Assorted natural history links to both mountain areas. Compiled by the same folks as the Natural History of the San Gabriel Mountains.

San Diego Natural History Museum Field Guide - Online illustrated guides to the plants, animals, and geology of San Diego County and Baja California.