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Elementary School Environmental Science Facilitator - Golden View Elementary School

  • September 01, 2021 9:05 PM
    Message # 10975722

    Under supervision of the site administrator and in collaboration with certificated staff, plans, organizes, implements and directs a unique program utilizing the Student Environmental Learning Facility (SELF/Farm) to introduce students to environmental principles and concepts for supplemental and educational enrichment purposes.

    Essential Duties:
    • Plan, organize, and direct environmental science activities and games
    • Serve as an environmental role model;
    • Utilize a variety of modern educational resources to lead lessons and activities i.e. Project Learning Tree, Education and the Environment Initiative (EEI);
    • Advise schedules for classes to be out on the Student Environmental Learning Facility;
    • Collaborate with the Instructional Assistant - Farm Facilitator to incorporate the farm animals and gardens into the lessons;
    • Positively participate with students in all aspects of the lessons planned;
    • Provide support, encouragement, active listening, information and activities for students and staff;
    • Observe student behavior, assess its appropriateness, and apply appropriate behavior management techniques;
    • Work alongside fellow staff to collaborate on lessons and activities;
    • Clean, organize, and provide for proper daily care of all materials, supplies, and equipment used during the program;

    Part time position three days a week. A total of 11.25 hours a week, M, T, Th.
    Pay: $30.00 an hour

    To inquire/apply contact:
    Lori Florgan at or 714)847-2516


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