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Association for Environmental & Outdoor education

AEOE strengthens environmental education in California by connecting providers, building professional expertise, and championing environmental literacy and outdoor learning.

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If you're an employer, you can post a job here. Your job posting will be viewable for 60 days, after which time the posting will expire.

We hope you will consider ways your organization or agency's hiring and recruitment practices are equitable and inclusive. For example, providing salary/wage information tells our community and your potential candidates that your organization is transparent, seeks to create an equitable work environment, and models inclusive hiring practices for our field. Why does this matter? Research has shown that the exclusion of salary information disproportionally impacts women and people of color. See this eeGuidance for Equitable Pay and Hiring in Environmental Education and Toolkit to Mitigate Bias in Recruitment & Hiring for additional suggestions. 

Job Posting Instructions:

Organizational Members Non-Organizational Members
*Organizational Members may post an unlimited number of free job postings.
  1. Log into your Organizational Membership account by clicking the ‘Log in’ button in the top right corner of your browser window.
  2. On the Find a Job page, click on ‘Create Topic.’
  3. Follow the Job Posting Instructions to complete your job posting.
*The cost for each Non-Member Job Posting is $75.
  1. Purchase a Non-Member Job Posting by clicking the blue box below.
  2. Once you’ve completed your purchase you will be emailed a Purchase Confirmation. In this email, click on the link to ‘submit your job posting information.’
  3. Be sure to fully complete and submit the Job Posting Request form.
  4. Once we’ve received your completed Job Posting Request, we will post your job to the AEOE Jobs page.

Please contact our Webmaster with any questions about your job posting.


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