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AEOE offers a range of opportunities for members of our community to connect, network, increase their skills, and grow professionally. Learn more or register for an upcoming event below. 


AEOE hosts three conferences each year, two fall regional conferences in northern and southern California, and the spring statewide. AEOE's conferences offer opportunities for networking, professional development, and connection. 



AEOE recognizes and celebrates the achievement of individuals and organizations across the state who work to advance the impact of environmental and outdoor education through our annual awards. 



Want to increase your knowledge and skills, expand your professional network, enhance your resume, and make important connections across the state? Get certified through the Environmental Educator Certification Program (EECP)!



AEOE offers online workshops on a range of topics, from sustainable teaching tips to early childhood education, social & emotional learning to outdoor instruction. See what's available in the calendar below. 

Programs & Events calendar

    • January 31, 2022
    • June 30, 2022

    Do you need an extension for the Environmental Educator Certification Program? If this has been approved by the program director, you can pay this administration fee to hold your completed assignments and materials until the following year. You will need the code that you were given to complete payment. 

    • March 01, 2022
    • May 31, 2022
    • Online
    Registration is closed

    EcoBlitz is an interdisciplinary environmental education & community science program created by a team of California based National Geographic Explorers and National Geographic Certified Educators. The spirit of interdisciplinary collaboration encourages students to explore plant and animal biodiversity like a biologist, and trash and plastics like an anthropologist. Students learn about their communities through lenses of global education, geographic education, and environmental education. Students develop the attitudes, skills, and knowledge of real National Geographic Explorers while working with other classes throughout California to create more socially just and sustainable local and global communities.

    During the asynchronous course, participants will attend one live 40 minute frontloading meeting over Zoom with members of the EcoBlitz Team at the beginning of March (options include March 4 @ 4 PM, March 7 @3:30 PM, March 10 @ 5 PM*), and will complete asynchronous monthly assignments for the duration of the course. The asynchronous course assignments will provide participants with the necessary background knowledge and skills needed to facilitate an EcoBlitz with their student populations and use community science tools such as iNaturalist and Marine Debris Tracker. Expect between 2-4 hours of coursework/week. This course is geared towards classroom teachers, but educators in other settings are welcome, provided they will be able to conduct all components of an EcoBlitz with a consistent group of participants during the timeframe of the course. 

    The EcoBlitz course utilizes Canvas as its learning management platform. Participants will be added to the platform prior to the course's start date. Participants who complete the course and all required deliverables will earn a microcredential badge from AEOE and can purchase 2 professional development units from Teachers College of San Joaquin for an additional fee. 

    EcoBlitz Team and EcoBlitz co-creators: Kimi Waite (course facilitator and team lead), Jessica Lura, Dr. Anna Antoniou, Dr. Rebecca Tarvin, Dr. Joe Cutler, David McGuire, Jim Bentley. Bios can be found on the EcoBlitz website under EcoBlitz Team.

    EcoBlitz is supported by The North American Association for Environmental Education, The California Association for Environmental & Outdoor Education, and The National Geographic Society. More information can be found on the EcoBlitz website

    Registered course participants will have opportunities to opt-in to participate in a doctoral research study about critical environmental science agency. Selected participants in the research study who opt-in to participate in 2 interviews will receive a $50 stipend.

    * If you are unable to attend one of the listed frontloading meetings, there will be a missed session reflection that you can complete if needed. 

    • May 15, 2022
    • June 30, 2022
    • N/A

    The Environmental Educator Certification Program (EECP) runs August 2022 through June 2023. Program graduates will achieve certification and have the option of purchasing eight Professional Learning Credits through Teachers College of San Joaquin (paid separately). The Program is designed for educators with a minimum of two years of teaching experience. Learn more about the program here. Please read through the website thoroughly before applying; we also strongly suggest that you attend an informational session. Paying this application fee does not guarantee you a spot in the program – in addition to paying the fee you must demonstrate readiness by completing this application form

    • May 26, 2022
    • 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM
    • Online

    Are you interested in becoming certified as an environmental educator? Considering applying to California's Environmental Educator Certification Program (EECP) and want to learn more? Join our info session to hear an overview of the program. Be sure to bring your questions!

    • June 07, 2022
    • 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM
    • Online

    Are you interested in becoming certified as an environmental educator? Considering applying to California's Environmental Educator Certification Program (EECP) and want to learn more? Join our info session to hear an overview of the program. Be sure to bring your questions!

Past events

May 14, 2022 Networking/Career Fair @ Spring Statewide Conference
May 13, 2022 Spring Statewide Conference 2022
April 19, 2022 Supporting LGBTQ2S+ Students in EE
March 21, 2022 UDL in EE Pilot
February 08, 2022 Program Leaders Open Space
November 21, 2021 Fall Statewide Virtual Celebration
November 21, 2021 Fall Regional Meet-up: Newport Beach (Orange County)
November 21, 2021 Fall Regional Meet-up: Oakland
November 21, 2021 Fall Regional Meet-up: San Diego County
November 21, 2021 Fall Regional Meet-up: Dobbins (Tahoe)
November 13, 2021 Program Leaders Retreat
September 30, 2021 Environmental & Outdoor Education Virtual Job Fair
September 14, 2021 Program Leaders Open Space
July 01, 2021 EECP 2021-2022 Enrollment
May 27, 2021 EECP Info Session
May 20, 2021 EECP Info Session
May 17, 2021 Statewide Spring Conference 2021 - Recordings Only
May 15, 2021 EECP 2021-2022 Application
May 14, 2021 Statewide Spring Conference 2021
April 29, 2021 Assessing Connecting to Nature
April 01, 2021 EECP Extension
March 30, 2021 Outdoor Learning Panel
March 16, 2021 Teaching to Outcomes
February 25, 2021 Open Space Conversations
December 12, 2020 Open Space Community Chat & Virtual Happy Hour Campfire
December 05, 2020 Inspiring Green Behavior Change with Remote Learning Activities
November 21, 2020 Early Childhood Education in the Outdoors
October 24, 2020 Mental Health - Pandemic Trauma Training for Educators
September 26, 2020 SEL Training for Practitioners
September 26, 2020 Fall Workshop Series
August 26, 2020 EECP 2020-2021 Enrollment
July 16, 2020 EECP 2020-2021 Application
May 29, 2020 AEOE Statewide Virtual Conference 2020
February 23, 2020 Thriving in the Outdoors: Social and Emotional Learning in Nature
January 20, 2020 EOSM Spring 2020 Southern Meeting
January 13, 2020 EOSM Spring 2020 Northern Meeting
November 15, 2019 AEOE Southern Section Fall Conference 2019
November 01, 2019 AEOE Northern Section Fall Conference 2019


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