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Thursday, February 8, 2018


Whiskeytown Environmental School

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Whiskeytown, CA


Whiskeytown Environmental School (WES) is located 10 miles west of Redding, CA in the Whiskeytown National Recreation Area. It is a Residential Outdoor Science School (ROSS) operated in partnership between the Shasta County Office of Education and the National Park Service.
The goal of WES is to utilize the immediate forest to teach scientific principals using hands-on experiential education, to promote social and ecological awareness, and to promote land stewardship among 5th/6th grade students. Weekly programs typically run Monday- Friday, with some 4 day weeks throughout the semester.
Lead and supervise instructional hikes with groups of 5th/ 6th grade students (12 to 25 students)
Present instruction for 5th/6th students in WES concepts and themes: Observation, Adaptation, Change, Adaptation, Cycles and Recycling, Interdependence, and Ecological Responsibility
Ensure the health and safety of all the students at WES
Develop team work skills, positive human relations skills and sense of responsibility among students, co-workers, and all persons associated with program
Supervise students during campus activities: meals, meal clean-up, recreation time, cabin time, etc.)
Administer first aid as needed
Work 1-2 evening programs with co-workers presenting to large groups
Dispense medication to students on trail as needed
Work with team to manage aspects of residential outdoor school to ensure highest quality of experience for students and visiting teachers.

Compensation Information:

SALARY: $11.00/ hour + meals when working
HOUSING: Full time

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