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Tuesday, March 10, 2020


Camp Augusta

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Nevada City


If you are seeking an extraordinary summer of personal and professional growth, welcome...we are seeking you, too! People can have a job, a career, or a calling. Camp Augusta is looking for folks who have a calling. We are an 80 acre, non-profit, residential summer camp located in the Sierra Nevada mountains of Northern California, and offers a one-of-a-kind experience for campers and staff alike. A summer in the woods with us is centered around two primary pillars:

1. An incredible amount of FUN. Camp Augusta's engine runs on a potent fuel of imagination, creativity, intentionality, dreams, and saying 'yes'. Campers and staff work together to create unique experiences that are unmatched in innovation and adventure!

2. Meaningful GROWTH. We are fully invested in supporting the development of empathy, self-confidence, independence, social skills (EQ), and creativity within all of our campers (ages 8-16). Staff will learn an enormous amount about living in community, transferable communication skills, time management, program development, and themselves throughout their time at Camp Augusta.

If you absolutely love spending time nurturing your youthfulness by playing with and supporting kids; are jazzed about being an integral part of a close-knit, intentional community of staff; and get goosebumps of delight thinking about truly transformational growth and learning opportunities, we may be a great fit! We are hiring for all roles from Village Leaders to Masters of Fun and Games- see our openings here!

Employee Experience:
We'll be the first to say it... working at Camp Augusta is a horse of a different color! We offer a HUGE range of daily activities (150+ possibilities!) and will train you to lead them prior to and during the summer - some activities you may have seen at other camps, while others are rare indeed. We are constantly adding new programming ideas, so if you have a passion that is not yet represented at Augusta, you can help bring it to our camp!

From the moment you begin your application, you'll notice that we are looking to get to know you in a very deep and very real way. This epitomizes our community... we are seekers, constantly bringing attention and awareness to possibilities for growth. Our staff training, at 3.5 weeks, is longer than any other that we know of in the country - much of it is centered around child development, healthy counseling techniques, and communication tools like Nonviolent communication. We embody this love of intentionality and connection with our campers and staff, planting seeds of growth that can extend far beyond a summer at camp.

Imagine yourself growing and stretching in ways you've never considered.
Imagine meeting the daily challenges of counseling and mentoring children with your full heart and the support of your staff community.
Imagine singing songs around a campfire under the towering pines and glittering stars, reconnecting with a mission of fostering the beauty, awe, potential, and innocence of childhood...
Imagine all this and learn more about the staff experience by exploring this page on our website!

Our Available Jobs:
Arts Director, Wilderness Trip Leader, Counselor and Master of Fun and Games! Are you an oatmeal fight warrior? A fire archer? A modern day hero with the desire to change your life and the lives of kids? We may have a position just for you for Summer 2020!

Compensation Information:

Dependent upon experience! Please reach out to us at:

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