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Multi Campus Environmental Science Educator


Monday, October 7, 2019



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Prince William Forest, VA, and Golden Gate National Recreation Area


This is a multi-campus Environmental Science Educator position beginning in March 2020, ending in November 2020. Educators work at Prince William Forest Park in Virginia for the spring season, transfer to the Golden Gate campus in California for the summer, then return to Prince William Forest Park for the fall season. This is an ideal position for experienced educators wishing to expand their knowledge and skill set, work and live in two culturally and ecologically different places, and work within the National Park system. Compensation includes housing, some meals, financial assistance in transferring campuses and benefits.

NatureBridge Environmental Science Educators are skilled professionals with significant post-undergraduate experience and training in environmental education content, curricula and pedagogy. At Prince William Forest Park, educators teach 3-day, hands-on outdoor environmental science education programs to students from Virginia and Washington DC. Educators work primarily with 5th and 7th graders. At Golden Gate Coastal Camp, educators teach 5-day camp sessions, working primarily with 1st-3rd graders. Coastal Camp combines marine and coastal ecology themes with hands-on educational activities and games in a day camp setting.

Tentative dates are as follows:
Spring season (Prince William, VA): March 30th - June 5th
Summer season (Golden Gate, CA): June 8th - August 14th
Fall season (Prince William, VA): September 8th - November 6th

Compensation Information:

This position is considered exempt in Virginia, and paid on a daily rate basis, with additional compensation for working evening programs and being on-call overnight. The position is considered non-exempt in California, and paid on an hourly basis. This position includes a comprehensive benefit plan, including: medical, dental and vision; retirement; paid vacation and sick time; a stipend for the cross-country travel; and shared housing.

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