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Wednesday, January 8, 2020


Jacob Sackin

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ENH at Redwood Glen in Loma Mar, CA


Exploring New Horizons Outdoor Schools runs residential environmental education programs at our Loma Mar and Pigeon Point sites near Pescadero, CA. This year ENH is starting a new program next door to our Loma Mar site at Redwood Glen Baptist Camp. Exploring New Horizons (ENH) empowers students, builds environmental literacy, and strengthens school communities through residential, environmental education programs. Founded as a non-profit in 1979, ENH partners with over 100 schools from Alameda, Contra Costa, Santa Clara, San Francisco, Monterey, and other Northern California counties The Redwood Glen program consists of 4 and 5 day programs for 60-85 5th and 6th grade students and utilizes either high school students or parents as cabin leaders.

Naturalists work with the same small group of 15–23 students throughout each week, taking a whole child approach to environmental education focused on social emotional learning, ecology, environmental stewardship, conservation, health, and the arts. Naturalists are responsible for the development of trail activities and curriculum, assisting with evening programs and program implementation.

Day hikes:
-Conduct daily discovery walks with the students. The Introductory Walk is 2 to 2-1/2 hours and is focused upon introducing students to basic information and procedures. On subsequent days, the discovery hikes range from 5 to 6 hours in length, and focus upon curricular activities in one of three natural communities each day: Redwood Forest, Oak Woodland, and Pacific Coast.
On the last day of the week, a Closing Walk of approximately 30 minutes to one hour is conducted to conclude the week for each trail group.
-Develop lessons that incorporate activities demonstrating basic ecological concepts, group and self esteem building and development of citizenship skills. Strategies include hands-on explorations, dramatics, nature games, and creative writing.
-Monitor the implementation of Exploring New Horizons risk management and safety procedures in the field setting.
-Support the development of positive group learning and team environment. Introduce team building opportunities to encourage positive communication, leadership and individual development.

Evening Programs:
-Prepare and participate in a night hike each week (from 7:15-8:30, as well as a ½ hour campfire), and one additional evening activity. Activities include a town hall style meeting, in which students role play and debate a development issue, the ‘Barnyard Boogie,’ where naturalists play instruments and teach dances, or Skit Night, where students perform skits they have been practicing throughout the week. Each evening activity is approximately 1 to 1-1/2 hours in length and is followed by a campfire program. Naturalists are expected to work two evenings a week.

Rotational & Miscellaneous Duties (conduct the following duties once or twice each week):
-KP: Two staff members work each meal for up to 100 people in the dining hall and facilitate pre and post-meal announcements and assembly, set-up and clean-up. A loud voice and group management skills are essential to the success of each meal.
-Lights-Out: Naturalists work 1-2 lights out per week. This involves assisting cabin leaders in getting students to bed at night and ensuring that patrols begin.
-On Call: Naturalists are the second person on call one night a week
-Evening Naturalist: Naturalists will rotate through an evening naturalist position

Cabin leaders & Parent chaperones:
-Provide support and feedback throughout the week for the high school cabin leaders or parent chaperones. ENH at Redwood Glen provides schools both options.
-Complete a written evaluation for the high school cabin leaders that assist their trail groups for the week.

Compensation Information:

$120 per day

Room and board during staff training & program weeks/weekends (3/23 - 5/1, 2020)

Full Time during staff training (3/23-27, 2020) & 5 program weeks (3/30 - 5/1, 2020)

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