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Tuesday, February 5, 2019


Trackers Earth

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Berkeley CA


Do you want be part of an organization that connects kids and adults to their community and their land? We're looking for great folks to teach in our 2019 summer Camps. Why apply? Our application process is adventurous and unique. It is a great chance to build excellent professional connections and participate in many learning opportunities.

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Available Positions
We need skilled teachers who want to make education better through working in our camps. We're looking for:
Coordinating Educators: Professionals with many years of outdoor education and team leadership experience
Day Camp Educators: Educators passionate about building competency in kids through outdoor education
Outdoor Educator Interns: An entry level position for adults committed to developing their outdoor education skill-set
Extended Camp Educators and Substitute Instructors: Morning & afternoon hours overseeing our extended camp; or on-call work for those not available 5 days a week
Adventure Guides: Guides able to work backpacking trips and multi-week excursions with small groups of students
Looking for Educators & Mentors
Trackers is a diverse organization; less a business than a group of people focused on family and village. We need mentors to create thoughtful, challenging adventures in outdoors, story, and folk wisdom. And yes, we do want you to come with skills or a great willingness to learn. These skills could include but not be limited to the following...
Primitive skills and bushcraft
Folk craft and Homesteading
Archery and Bow Making
Fishing and Foraging
Live Action Role-playing
Martial Arts
Zombie Survival
This position is primarily for summer day camps but we do offer several year-round positions based on seasonal performance.

Bonus Points and Pay Bump Given If you have a CDL for large school buses. Or if you possess the driving talent so we can help you learn.

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Compensation Information:

Competitive rates based on experience and position. Learn more at our jobs page.

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