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Science Day Camp Leader


Monday, February 4, 2019



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Role & Responsibilities of a Science Day Camp Leader:
Science Day Camp Leaders work with campers, grades PreK to 8, in one or more of CuriOdyssey’s science camp themes including physical, earth, and life sciences, engineering, art, and outdoor experiential learning. They are facilitators of the camp program and activities, leading in a way that is engaging, fun, and safe and serve as role models for campers, establishing a foundation of knowledge, provide tools for personal discoveries, model inquiry, and collaborate with campers, learning together. You can view a complete list of our camps, schedules, and descriptions online.

o As a Science Day Camp Leader you are a facilitator of camp activities and engage campers in meaningful educational experiences.
o The Science Day Camp Leader must understand how to lead campers through activities in a way that allows the camper to drive his/her own learning.
o Science Day Camp Leaders mentor and provide constructive feedback to Leaders-in-Training (youth volunteers).
o Science Day Camp Leaders communicate and collaborate with a camper's parent/guardian keeping them informed about camp, answering questions, and discussing how to provide the best learning environment for their child.

Who We Are Seeking as a Science Day Camp Leader:
A successful Science Day Camp Leader has a basic science background, is a positive role model, and is creative, curious, and responsible. An effective Science Day Camp Leader understands and respects learners of different ages and abilities, recognizes that learning is a process not a product, and is committed to provide the tools and guidance to make that process authentic, fun, and engaging.

Past experiences that are helpful include: having taught and worked with groups in an informal educational institution or camp, flexibility working in a fast-paced work environment and with an eclectic work team, and having had a positive learning experience such as the ones a Science Day Camp Leader is expected to create.

Apply to be a Science Day Camp Leader:

Complete the online Supplemental Questionnaire (
Submit a cover letter, resume, and CuriOdyssey application, to:
Mail: Carl Oosterman- Director of Education, CuriOdyssey, 1651 Coyote Point Dr., San Mateo, CA 94401

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