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Village Leader, a Star in Our Sky


Wednesday, December 5, 2018


Camp Augusta

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Nevada City, CA


Hey you! Yep, I see you daydreaming about a job that’s as fulfilling as it is fun. I see you longing for a place that loves children, and beyond that, loves their staff so much that they offer them 3.5 weeks of training deeply informed by the latest research in Non-Violent Communication, developmental psychology and intentional leadership. You’re wanting a role that balances supporting staff, nurturing campers and letting your inner child get wild in an oatmeal fight. You want a place where your skills as a logistical powerhouse and expert balloon animal artist can shine together. You have a life-mission, burning within your heart like a lighthouse on the shore - you seek to uplift and be uplifted by those around you. You’re confident, responsible, effective and passionate - you’re quirky, thoughtful, self-assured and playful. You’re another star in the constellation of Augusta, and we’ve been searching for you. Pick up the phone, call us up, we have a laugh...and together we discover if we fit each other like Silverstein’s missing piece. | | 530-265-3702 | Or add your interest here - - we’ll get in touch super quickly :)

Compensation Information:

Room and Board
Pay commensurate with industry standards.
3.5 week staff training focusing on communication and child development, led by our director with a PhD in developmental psychology.

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