2020 Environmental Educator Certification Program

Environmental Educator Certification Program (EECP)

AEOE and a dedicated group of EE leaders throughout the state have been working over the past few years to design a certification program for EE professionals, the Environmental Educator Certification Program (EECP). We believe this program will be of great benefit to practitioners and organizations alike, extending to individuals, the public, and the profession itself. Having the EECP legitimizes the field and builds a uniform foundation in effectively teaching about the environment in California. Additionally, through participation in the certification program, educators will expand their professional networks, make important connections across the state, and better understand the full spectrum of environmental education careers available. California's program will advance environmental education in our state and establish reciprocity of opportunity in the other participating states with certification programs (current count 13).


Description of a Certified Environmental Educator in California

While environmental educators come with a variety of backgrounds and work in a variety of settings, there is a core set of characteristics that all environmental educators should possess. The requirements of the certification program are designed to assess and ensure that all candidates demonstrate aptitude in the following areas: 


A Certified Environmental Educator in California…

  • Continually strives to improve their skills and knowledge 
  • Has an awareness of significant events in EE history, current and historical environmental issues, and EE resources within the state of California 
  • Teaches and communicates effectively with a diverse audience
  • Exhibits the skills and ability to critically analyze current environmental issues 
  • Distinguishes between education and advocacy
  • Demonstrates leadership and collaboration in the EE community 
  • Takes actionable steps to improve their community


The characteristics of a certified environmental educator were formulated by the EECP Steering Committee and derived in part from the Core Competencies published by the North American Association for Environmental Education (NAAEE)

The program will be opening for registration soon.



Tuesday, September 1, 2020 - Tuesday, June 1, 2021